The Vision of Living Culture®—The Living Waters of Full Abundance™

Living Culture is a 'quality of life' based organization built on the vision of founder Henry "Hank" Adams and the Co-Creative Community that grew out of his Life Arts classes, workshops, mentoring and teachings. Living Culture’s vision is to facilitate building dynamically healthy co-creative communities, through mutually empowering alliances for community development at all levels: human, natural, spiritual and infrastructure.

Living Culture sees the entire Universe from a whole organic or natural systems perspective. Thus the Universe and the Earth are a living macro and microcosm, with a wholistic living culture growing naturally and organically out of this whole system's cosmology. We believe our predominant societal and economic mental model (or paradigm) has been to view the Earth and Nature as separate from us.

We seem to constantly divide and delineate into the simplest of terms the majority of what we come into contact with. Through divide and control, we have come to believe we can dominate this Earth, Nature and humankind. We at Living Culture consider this outdated perspective to be built upon the illusions and energies of fear, ignorance, and a disconnected non-proactive & non-productive point of view.

According to our research, the whole Quantum Universe including our Earth is actually filled with unlimited potential, unconditional full abundance and infinite love. This multi-dimensional dynamic source energy is an eternal resource which when intentionally focused can be a great catalyst to create unlimited planetary sustainability, prevention, healing and transformation.

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Become a Whole
Co-Creative Human Being

Many have found Living Culture’s powerful educational and practical life teachings to be very helpful in effecting natural whole-scale change and can alter our current disempowering scarcity paradigm into an unlimited, fully conscious, thriving living culture. This process includes healing and transforming our world and universe within and throughout, becoming a dynamically balanced, whole co-creative human being. As we learn to truly respect and actively trust the truth within our own natural world and beingness, we can begin to venture out beyond our limitations and create new personal experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

Building Healthy
Co-Creative Communities

Living Culture is consciously dedicated to this incredible co-creative journey, remembrance, and unfoldment. A new Living Culture, where all cultures of diversity preserve and promote their very own special uniqueness, and synergize their strengths into a unified alliance of living cultures. Together we can become a united community of "one heart, one mind, one people" undivided and unlimited, to co-create our greatest asset, our oneness.

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